Distributor of only the best brands.

Who we are

Above all Quest Food is a trustworthy sales partner. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge of market needs and requirements we have a strong position in the industry. Through our procedures we have efficiently optimised both the ordering and delivery of goods. In particular Food Quest is distinguished by its strong support package; this includes a complete set of online and offline materials created to significantly increase the product sales. This was made possible thanks to the broad brand managerial knowledge of current CEO Dominik Pazgrat. Our company follows a number of key values; principally a reliable approach to our business clients, always seeking to obtain the highest quality brands and a commitment to acting under Fair Trade principles. As such our focus is on creating new opportunities, surpassing existing expectations and obtaining the best products on the market.

logo_plThe prestigious title “Firma Godna Zaufania 2017” (a “Trustworthy Company 2017”) is proof of unceasing work and sustained development. It is an exceptional reward because it is granted basing on customers’ opinion. It is one of the most valued awards, testifying to high competences of the Quest Food brand on the market.

The international standard of food safety. Quest Food has got the global standard for storage and distribution – classification AA.

Our strategy

We are devoted to the qualities that define us. They are the base on which we construct our relationships within the industry and our business partners.

Only top brands

In our trade offer we include only the brands which thanks to their quality, rarity and reputation are the most desirable.

B2C Assistance

We are the first to notice the constantly changing trends, this helps us offer strong sales knowledge and support. Being a trustworthy business partner is our top priority.

Promptness and Reliability

Keeping arrangements and delivery times is essential in our business relations. It’s the core of our every activity.

We open doors to the new opportunities

Quest Foods unique offers and tailored benefits help us to introduce our Partners to new and otherwise seemingly unavailable trade areas.

We are trustworthy


Quest Food is a relatively young brand, however because of our unique offers and individual approach to our business partners we have gained the trust of many key industry trade representatives. The best confirmation of our competence is our impressive sales results.

We are constantly looking for new and improved solutions which allow Quest Food to fully implement the tasks put before us and to meet the expectations of our most demanding customers.

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