Movie nights - time, start!

COCOFFEE® to relaks w najlepszym wydaniu!

JIMMY’s popcorns are the perfect snacks for fans of long movie nights.
Packed in characteristic packaging in several flavors. Perfect for travel or to share with family and friends. Enjoy!

If you are interested in ordering a product, please contact our sales department.


Popcorn TABASCO®
Sweet Chili Cheese 90 g
Popcorn TABASCO®
Sweet Chili BBQ 90 g
Popcorn Toffee Caramel 170 g
Popcorn Salted Caramel 150 g
Popcorn Chocolate Milk 120 g
Popcorn Chocolate White 120 g
Popcorn Yoghurt Raspberry 120 g



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