The Landliebe campaign kicks off!


The first fortnight of June saw the launch of the content campaign “True stories taste better”, which supports the actions surrounding the brand’s premiere on the Polish market.

On 14 June, Landliebe, Germany’s leading dairy product brand, launched its promotional activities in Poland. Their key element is activation in the spirit of the slogan “True stories taste better”. It promotes the view that authenticity and naturalness are important not only in the context of products, but also in daily life.


As part of the campaign a number of ambient activities in urban space have been planned. During the long weekend, a dedicated Landliebe zone was built in the Stary Maneż complex in Gdansk. The next event will take place on 24 and 25 June at the Breakfast Market in Warsaw.


The campaign will be carried out in digital channels and offline, and activities linked to it will be announced via the brand’s website, its fanpage and on channels operated by Quest Food, Landliebe’s exclusive distributor in Poland.




The film promoting the campaign is available at