Quest Food is opening up to novelties and is introducing the Coconaut® products, thus becoming their exclusive distributor throughout Europe. The campaign to promote this natural coconut water will start in August and will mainly include online, trade press, sampling campaigns and a series of cultural and sporting events.

Coconaut® is a completely new approach to the subject of coconut water that has not been seen on the Polish market before. Mainly due to its carbonated version, which is one of the brand’s two flagship products.

Extracted from the new Vietnamese coconut, prized for its taste and nutritional qualities, Coconaut® stands out from other products in this category due to its uniquely fresh and full flavour. The composition is also noteworthy. Coconaut® is 100% pure coconut water from a new coconut. Without additional enhancers, concentrates or sugar.

Coconauta® will be available in carbonated (320 ml can) and non-carbonated versions (320 ml and 500 ml can, 250 ml glass bottle and 1000 ml PP bottle).