Chocomel soon on the Polish market.


Chocomel, a Dutch brand of chocolate-flavoured milk, produced by FrieslandCampina.

Chocomel is Dutch chocolate milk with a tradition dating back to 1932. It was the ancient Maya who had come up with the idea of combining cocoa with water. However, several hundred years later the Dutch added chocolate to milk. This is how they obtained a beverage that today is loved by millions of consumers across the world. Carefully selected natural ingredients obtained according to fair trade methods blend into a unique combination. Velvety milk perfectly complements the sweet taste of chocolate. What is important, it is gluten-free and does not contain even the slightest amount of nuts and peanuts. Served hot, it warms you up and gives you an energy boost; when consumed chilled, it offers excellent refreshment. It comes in three small, handy eco-friendly packaging types – a carton box, a can and a PET bottle. Something to please anyone!

Good for you, good for the Earth

For both consumers and distributors, certificates awarded to Chocomel can serve as a guarantee confirming that the ingredients used are organic, and the products are safe. The first such certificate is the UTZ. It confirms that the cocoa used has been grown according to fair trade methods. This guarantees that the foodstuff is safe, produced using a smaller amount of pesticides and by workers who are paid fair remuneration. The other certificate is the FSC. Wood used to produce the packaging is logged in selected dedicated forests. In addition, the Chocomel packagings are made from recycled materials in as much as 85%.
Soon, the favourite drink of both adults and children will be available under the Quest Food offer.