Hubba Bubba

The taste of childhood passed down from generation to generation. Huba bubba is a producer of iconic gums for life, which have been produced in the United States since the late 1970s, from where they began their expansion all over the world. Children and adults love Huby bubby's gums for its intense colors, juicy-fruity flavor and… perfectly round balloons.

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Products Hubba Bubba

  • Hubba_bubba (1)

    Hubba Bubba Fancy Fruit 56 g

    Hubba Bubba

  • hubba-bubba-triple-mix-56g

    Hubba Bubba Triple Mix 56 g

    Hubba Bubba

  • hubba-bubba-cola-56-g

    Hubba bubba cola flavour 56 g

    Hubba Bubba