COCONAUT®. Novelty on the Polish market!


A campaign promoting natural coconut water is being launched already in August.

Quest Food is embracing the new and introducing Coconaut® to its portfolio, thus becoming its
exclusive distributor in Europe. The promotional campaign of the natural coconut water is being
launched already in August, covering mainly online channels, trade press, sampling actions and a
series of cultural and sports events.

Coconaut® represents an entirely new, previously unheard-of approach to coconut water on the
Polish market, mainly due to the sparkling version of the beverage that constitutes one of the two flagship products of the brand.

Obtained from young Vietnamese coconuts valued for their flavour and nourishing qualities,
Coconaut® stands out from competitor products with its exceptionally fresh and rich flavour.
Also worthy of note is the composition of the beverage. COCONAUT® is 100% pure young
coconut water. It does not contain any additional enhancers, concentrates or sugar.

Coconaut® will be available in a sparkling (320 ml can) and still version (320 ml and 500 ml can, 250 ml glass bottle and 1000 ml PP bottle).