100% pure coconut water!

Obtained from young coconuts grown in Vietnam, Coconaut® is distinguished by its exceptionally fresh and full taste. See our offer and reach out for it.

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The natural taste of tradition

Landliebe is a brand distinguished mainly by high quality and unique taste. See what it has to offer.

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Mexico and its cuisine

Carefully selected natural ingredients, no preservatives added, traditional recipes and aromatic spices – this is the essence of the Old El Paso brand. See our offer for details.

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Why partner with us?

Strong position supported by values

People are a fundament of our brand. Day after day, their time and commitment allow us to exceed our targets.

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Choosing the brands we care about quality

The power of young coconut

The life-giving coconut water obtained from carefully selected green coconuts grown in the exotic Vietnam. It offers refreshment, serves as a liquid snack, regenerates and spurs into action.

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A new dimension of taste

Mars is tradition, passion and heritage. A family-owned company with a tradition dating back to 1911 has become one of the world’s most popular brands. Now, their products are undergoing a transformation. The taste, however, remains unchanged.

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The essence of Mexico

Excellent quality, tradition that reaches back to 1917 and simple recipes – all this has fostered the popularisation of Old El Paso products across the United States. Now you can have them in your kitchen.

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The best milk can offer

Naturalness and tradition are the main characteristics of Landliebe. Surprising combinations of yoghurt and fruit, original packaging and – most importantly – excellent taste are the features that made this brand a leader on the dairy products market. Find out why it is loved by millions.

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Good choice is about more than just the product.

We became a part of our customers success by building long-term relationships with them. We well know that its possible only through delivery of high quality products.