Jules Destrooper


Making cookies with a truly magical taste it comes as no surprise they have kept their original, natural ingredient based recipe a closely guarded secret since 1886. Jules Destrooper not only has a wide range of customers and has won many prestigious awards but their sweets are also enjoyed by members of the Belgian Royal Household.

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Products Jules Destrooper

  • JULES_DESTROOPER_Belgian_Chocolate_Virtuoso_100g

    Belgian Chocolate Virtuoso 100 g

    Jules Destrooper

  • JULES_DESTROOPER_Belgian_Chocolate_Thins_100g

    Belgian Chocolate Thins 100 g

    Jules Destrooper

  • Jules_Destrooper_Almond_Thins

    Crispy Almond Biscuits 100 g

    Jules Destrooper

  • Jules_Destrooper_Butter_Waffles-2

    Crispy butter waffles 100 g

    Jules Destrooper

  • Jules_Destrooper_Butter_Crisps-1

    Crispy butter biscuits 100 g

    Jules Destrooper

  • Jules_Destrooper_Almond_Florentines

    Almond Florentines 100 g

    Jules Destrooper