Chocomel, a Dutch brand of chocolate-flavoured milk, produced by FrieslandCampina with a tradition that dates back to 1932. The beverage is a combination of the best milk and cocoa can offer. The finest ingredients obtained according to fair trade methods blend into a surprising explosion of taste. A velvety milky texture is complemented by excellent real chocolate. When chilled, it offers refreshment on a hot day; when consumed hot, it brings back childhood memories and warms you up. This is why people in all corners of the world, both little ones and adults, fell in love with Chocomel. In addition, it comes in a handy packaging you can take with you wherever you go. It is available in a small carton, a can and a PET bottle.

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Products Chocomel

  • CHOCOMEL_Butelka_300ml

    Chocolate milk drink 300 ml


  • CHOCOMEL_Puszka_250ml

    Chocolate milk drink 250 ml


  • CHOCOMEL_Kartonik_200ml

    Chocolate milk drink 200 ml